Embrace Your Body

September 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment





One of the best things I believe you can ever do for yourself is embrace your body. This means accepting what you think is not aesthetically pleasing to yourself or society, and learning to love what you look like. You are different, you are unique, whether you are male or female, there is no one else like you.

Sometimes we pick at things we don’t like about ourselves in the mirror, that will hinder your self confidence and your self-esteem. Every time we look for a flaw, or focus on things we don’t like about our body, it puts us in a negative mind frame. I believe that everyone has something unique about them. I love this because it means everyone has their own kind of beautiful that no one else can replicate. It is amazing to me that there are millions of people on this earth and not one of them are created alike. Embracing your body leads you to loving yourself even more. Then your confidence will grow and you will feel empowered enough to achieve anything you put your mind to. I’ve seen people focus on things they don’t like about their body so much that when they look in the mirror, that’s ALL they see. They forget about looking at their self as an entire being.  I’ve been there… and I decided not to dwell on what I did'nt like, but to either change it, or accept it the way it is and learn to love it.




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