Mandy and Mike

December 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This sweet couple said their I do's at Lake Iamonia Lodge in Tallahassee, Florida. The day was just as gorgeous as the bride, bridesmaids, and all of the wedding details. Her beautiful gown was found at Vocelle's Bridal, Make Up by Natalie Make Up Artistry, and food made by the groom Mike Jones. The Sonoma Chairs from Terri Smith Details gave this intimate indoor/outdoor venue the perfect touch. Congratulations Mike and Mandy!

Mike and Mandy-44Mike and Mandy-44 Mike and Mandy--12Mike and Mandy--12 Mike and Mandy-1564Mike and Mandy-1564 Mike and Mandy--4Mike and Mandy--4

Mike and Mandy--8Mike and Mandy--8 Mike and Mandy--5Mike and Mandy--5 Mike and Mandy--10Mike and Mandy--10 Mike and Mandy--7Mike and Mandy--7 Mike and Mandy-1196Mike and Mandy-1196 Mike and Mandy-1340Mike and Mandy-1340 Mike and Mandy-1086Mike and Mandy-1086 Mike and Mandy--2Mike and Mandy--2 Mike and Mandy--9Mike and Mandy--9 Mike and Mandy-Mike and Mandy-


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