Tater's 1st Photoshoot

July 01, 2015  •  5 Comments

Hey everyone!

Just thought I would share these photos I attempted of Tater! (A few of them are straight out of the camera.) I really wanted to do them like newborn shots, but Tater doesn't hold still very easily, so I knew it would be tricky. 

First we tried putting her in a white sheet, and hanging her. 

I felt like something was missing, and realized I wanted to see more of her body. So I pulled her front paws out, but I was still very nervous of her falling out. 

After about 10 minutes I got this shot. I thought this was a little better, but then didn't like the way the sheet looked at all! So I gave up on the newborn idea. 


I felt like I needed a better way to keep her still! So then I pulled out the magic! Peanut Butter!

At first, she thought she would get into trouble! She wasn't sure if it was okay!


Then she finally went for a taste!

Tater-47Tater-47 Then she went to town! At this point, I've got her standing still in one place, now I just need her attention. It was really hard to get her attention!

Then after a few minutes of her only focusing on the peanut butter and not my camera, we tried to take it away. Which led to her "proclaiming" stance.

When she tried to run off with it, I then decided to give up. I think Tater had a great time at her photoshoot, she licked at least 1 cup of peanut butter out of the jar.  Not sure if I will attempt this again. 

Tater -1   Stacy -0.  

Thanks for reading!!!


So cute!! Love Tater!!!
Rhonda b(non-registered)
that was awesome!!! You need to bring tater over to meet buddy!!
Love these! I don't know Tater personally, but it appears you captured her personality.
Sarah Baker(non-registered)
Awe!! So supercute Tater has what Natalie call cuteness power! Good job on the photography Stacy!!
I think these describe Tater perfectly! Great pictures of this little sassy girl.
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